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ə-kŭm′pə-nē, ə-kŭmp′nē

intransitive verb
  1. To be or go with, especially as a companion.
  2. To provide with an addition; supplement.
  3. To exist or occur at the same time as.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.


Effective coaching helps you connect with the inspiration and motivation you need to achieve the change and growth you want. I use a non-directive model to help you gain clarity about what you want to accomplish and how to do it. I’ll facilitate your thought process and support developing and achieving your plans, accompanying you on a journey that is uniquely yours.

I start with a free 20-minute phone consultation. If we feel like there’s a fit, we’ll set up an initial set of three to six 50-minute sessions. At the end of this we’ll assess, and if we want to continue we can renew or transition into an ongoing structure.


Rob Miller headshot

I’ve developed a personal, human-centric approach to coaching and mentorship through my training from the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute and over 14 years of professional leadership in mission driven for- and non-profit organizations, in such diverse industries as event production, technology, and urban planning activism / advocacy (livable streets FTW!). My approach is informed by emotional and psychological intelligence, both individual and organizational, and in generating alignment between internal experience and external expression.

I live in Oakland, California and take great joy from exploring redwood forests; spending time with my family; having a body; and everything related to music: creating it, recording it, and experiencing it in all the ways.